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Where nothing is what it seems

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Sep 5, 2003
Things are gonna change so fast...

   Yeah, I just got a really cool banner made for my site, ala "really cool best friend"  Everybody should have a wonderful terrific computer nerdo, Tori was right girls, the nerdos are where it's at.
   Anyway, life has been good, I"ve stared working 2 jobs, and actually that part is pretty horrible.  the only nice days of the week are pay days, but I just keep thinking of my pretty Silverado.
   Oh yes, I found a brand new Chevy Silverado that was the perfect, heighth, color, speed, engine size, cab space, and it had 20 inch rims.  Absolutely perfect, which is why it was probably meant for me :)  Okay, I'm being conceited, but it was still a great truck!  The guy was kind of scary but me being the ironwilled bargainer that I am, I wasn't scared ( plus I made someone come with me :) 
   I'm sure there is tons more to say, but I'm tired, and can't really think right now, but I wanted to write anyway.  So I think I will be "uh oh, let go off on my way" and leave a TBC for tomorrow, oh and note to self, give this site to Katie so even though I don't get to write often, she can still be updated.  Cool, who ever figured this would make a good date book!  Anyway, g'nite to me and "sweet dreams"

Posted at 12:33 am by fairygirl658
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Aug 23, 2003
Whenever I'm alone with you...


Just got back from vegas a bit ago.  Had a pretty good time.  Went with a best friend of mine so i knew it wasn't going to suck ;) 
     We pretty much just did a lot of looking around and no shopping since he hates shoe stores and I hate computer stores, so it doesn't leave much left does it?  I think the best part of the whole trip though was just the ride.  We travel well together because we get to catchup and talk about everything and nothing in our lives that is bugging us or making us happy.  Those are the times I always remember and cherish.  Plus he's the only one who can keep up with me singing Tori!
     Anyway, all in all it was a pretty nice day and we came out winning $8, yeah Vegas!  Oh and btw, if I ever give you this site, you will know what this means... 

you make me feel like i am whole again.... i will always love you i will always
love you

Love you tons and can't imagine my life without you, glad I went in to UT&T that day or else I might have ended up an "empty cage girl if you kill the bird"

g'nite dorko

Posted at 11:55 pm by fairygirl658
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snow glass apples


Hi, I suppose I will start this the way I start my everyday journal that way she doesn't get jealous.  Sorry if this doesn't make sense, but this is also the first time I have ever written in a blog.  Everybody keeps telling me they love it though, so I thought I'd give it a whirl. 

     I suppose it is best to start at the beginning, and I would say that the only term to describe my life right now would be confusing, hence the reason for the name of my page.  Nothing is ever what it seems, and if people tell you otherwise, they are lying.  And to think I used to be the eternal optimist, I guess people do grow up.

     I just opened my eyes one morning and realized that the most important person in my life had been forgotten, and that hurt.  It has been a long road trying to find her again and to figure out what she really wants, and I don't think I am half way there, but it's been a pretty nice trip so far.  I just have to promise every now and then not to lose her :)

     After that, everything else seemed to fall into place, funny the way life works isn't it?  Just when you think everything is crashing down, you find that piece A does fit into piece B, and oh look, a picture starts to appear.  That's what I'm discovering right now.

     I take my LSAT's in December and then I'm supposed to move away and go to law school and be a sucessful woman of the world who can stand on her own, if only it were that easy.  If it happens everyone else will be happy but I'm not sure what i will be.

     As for the people in my life, they are good right now.  Funny how we all seemed to have the same roots for years, and then after the spring we all started to drift away and grow in different directions.  Some have kept in touch and others I probably won't see for several seasons, but damn me I miss them.  Here I tried to stand on my own, and now I'm not sure exactly what type of fruit I'm going to give. 

     Sorry if this is boring anyone who reads it, but I never said it was for you did I?  Sorry if that sounds a bit bitchy, but it's the truth.  And that was the short version.  Hopefully you will be able to build your own mural from my everyday postings and I will be able to sketch out my own.  That way we can see where this will go forever, and remember ... nothing is what it seems.

Posted at 11:32 pm by fairygirl658
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